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Hola Amigos!

I come bearing lots of visuals.

So Im sitting in my room blogging away listening to Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Chime’ and thinking of all the fun I had at Womad Festival. YEAH IT WAS PRETTY GREAT. This was my first time at Womad. Before this experience, I heard through the grapevine that ‘Womad is a great hippy festival’ and ‘everyone’s well nice.’ I went with no preconceptions of it; I guess this comes with ageing and having to do grown up things all the time.

Short for World of Music and Dance, I went on a work capacity to explore their renowned World of Children as it was one of my top picks of family friendly festivals in the UK. Uh-huh honey.  I went with my buddy Olivia who also blogs at Olive-loves.com. The sunshine was so bright and glorious! So was my SPF50 and I came back with a tan and no sun stroke. Hallelujaaah!

The festival took place in the lush countryside of Wiltshire, and artists from around the world enchanted the beautiful landscape and amazing people who had travelled from all parts of the globe. The laid back atmosphere is one to experience, I genuinely felt like I was in the safest space as far as festivals go. The toilets were incredibly clean, children and adults wondered around bare foot, people picked up after themselves it was a near-literally-a-litter-free-festival. Say whaaaat. Most of all, everyone had a smile on their face and there was a welcoming aura that I can still feel now! Oh gosssh.

This years theme was ‘Save the Planet,’ Im 90% sure that if we all lived like Womad existed that weekend, the planet will be saved and there will be WORLD PEACE. Till then, we should all take a trip to Womad, dance carelessly to some jazz from New Orleans, drink cider and perhaps pick up an instrument you’ve never seen before. You’ll love it!

Don’t forget to check out the video edit I did for AlexandAlexa highlighting the World of Children.

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