Happy Birthday Blue Ivy Carter, we love your mermaid hair <3

Happy Birthday Blue Ivy, we see you in your mermaid plaits <3


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Plan International’s ‘Because I’m a Girl’ Campaign is challenging the world to make sure girls have access to the rights they deserve… Will you join me?


Latimer and Plan have teamed up with leading female YouTubers, Vloggers, film directors and creatives to give a fresh insight into what it means to be a girl across the globe. From the UK, to Japan, Brazil and beyond we’re bringing the harsh realities that still prevent 1 in 5 girls having access to education into the world’s spotlight.
Whether from poverty, violence or discrimination we’re saying enough is enough! So let’s get a global conversation started using the hashtag #itsagirlthing to demand the attention of world leaders, and campaign for change in the international community. Let’s bring an end to global gender inequality in education โ€“ will you join us?

A Tale of Two Biddies : Oh My Hair Feature


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ย I was over the moon when I was contacted by A Tale Of Two Biddies, a lifestyle blog from Brooklyn, New York. They are a lovely blogging duo who are currently working on a 30 Under 30 project, a list of phenomenal creatives under the age of 30, and are focused on growing, always learning and always inspiring at least one person. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it Biddies! Check out A Tale Of Two Biddies


Company Blogger Awards 2014







I had a wonderful evening and it was great meeting lots of fellow bloggers along with talking to girls from Company & Missguided and finding out all about their awesome jobs! I went with my friend who blogs over at olive-loves.com, we met the lovely girls from Remotelyfashion at this event. Congratulations to everyone ย that won and thank you to Company and Missguided! ย I canโ€™t wait to go back next year!

Shopcade Swag Report Book

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I was featured in the fashion app, Shopcade’s book. The โ€œSwag Reportโ€ is a selection of the freshest trends as seen on fashion icons of today, chosen by the influencers behind the global mobile fashion app Shopcade. The book “focuses on the city of London, a place defined by eclecticism as seen on its urban sartorial gents, glam rock divas, and sneakers-toting unisex styled gals. In this issue, you will find everyone from street fashion photographer Garcon Jon in Spencer Hart to Youtube fashion presenter Mariette Immaculate in a Simpsons T shirt, and get a glimpse of what is hot, whoโ€™s wearing it, and how itโ€™s worn, right now.” Read it online