Summer 17 Style: Orange is the new Orange

Asos Hoodie (stylist own)
Hermade Trousers
Missguided boots (stylist own)

Orange is the new orange because it never went out of fashion and its never really in fashion. Its always there and this summer at Catface, you’ll be seeing lots of orange, yellow and peachy shades. Being a creative, I always think about my relationship with colour especially the memories and images they conjure in my mind. Orange reminds me of my childhood. When I was in primary school in Nigeria, we were put in 4 house groups (yellow, green, red and blue) and during sports day etc, each house would compete against each other. We had our usual P.E kits and also a special kit to represent your house. I was in yellow house and we never really won sports day or competitions. Little me thought it was because the shade of yellow of our P.E kits were a horrible sign yellow. I once suggested to the head of the house if we could change the colour to a more pleasing yellow or orange, “like a sunflower.” But in true Nigerian Aunty fashion, Aunty Teacher said “no, that’s not your job. Go and practice your running.” Ever since, I’ve wanted to create something with this palette. Over the summer months, you will see more of these tones, I hope you like them. ;)


Catface – Mariette Immaculate

Photographer – Angela Aoguns

Fashion Stylist – Nicole Ranger

Content Assistant – Esi Durowaah

Hair Stylist – Amie Byron Wolfe

For my hair, I used a variety of lilac, pink and peach, for more looks with this hair style, see @shopcatface and @mariette_immaculate

Catface Hair Black Kissin’ Pink

Catface Hair Black Pink Candy

Catface Hair Black Peach

Catface Hair Black Pink

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