Young, Gifted and Defiant

Im ready to strut into summer, I’m totally ready to travel too. I am not afraid.

There is so much happening in the world right now, especially in my home town of London. I tend not to comment on these kind of issues because people that have been affected by these horrible attacks and those who have lost their lives never dreamed this would happened to them. Everyone always says, “Oh don’t be afraid, its random – you can’t let that stop you from living your life.” But I can’t help but think they thought that too.

As we all collectively stay strong and not let the actions of people who we have no idea about affect our daily lives, please always remember (and repear it if you must)

you are loved.

you are blessed.

you are strong.

you are defiant.

you are a star and you willl shine bright x

Jekkah shirt dress & trousers
Missguided bralet (stylist own)


Photographer: Angela

Fashion Stylist – Nicole Ranger

Content Assistant – Esi D.

Hair Stylist: Amie Bryon Wolfe



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