Poem: These Days

Nobody ever comes knocking round these neck of the woods
Nobody steals kisses like they need a fag
after another fag.
Nobody hurries to spill their exciting times broken down in endless texts
Nobody understands
Nobody cares to understand

Winter is coming.

Nobody cares to chase the wind that blows hot breeze by the side
next to their ear
Nobody wants to inspire somebody to put down the drink
which we all know is for warmth. Just for now.
Nobody wants to look like they care

Summer is going

Nobody wants to hug one body throughout the night every night
Nobody wants to put down the excuses and lies
Nobody wants to get hurt
Nobody minds about hurting other people
so long as they’re not hurt

Autumn is nearing.

Everybody is full of bullshit.
This poem makes me hate you
I like me alot better: these days.

Let your homie know wassup

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