POEM: Enter

Enter the world through poetry/ give birth to meaning
take words, choose them with that elusive subconscious.
use them with care. but always with force

there is power in your intonation. feel it. hear it.
let it out as you speak these thoughts into existence
with every letter, with every sound, with every second,
you bring life forth into this world

A world tarnished by meaningless noise and words and thoughts/
a pool of attention seeking attention wanting love/ honour/ glory
momentary abstract feelings because they chose the right words.
So dont always give them what they want
remind them that the world owes you nothing
what you owe it/ that which manifests through sight, sound, feel, scratch, touch, taste. pleasure.
so yield child yield!
the earth owes you nothing.
the sea owes you nothing
the wind owes you nothing
even fire will say, she owes you nothing

So enter with righteousness and take what is rightfully yours/ that which you create with all your senses.

the world owes you nothing but that which you lay on to her..
the skies owes you nothing but that which you see onto her.
the universe owes you nothing but that which you do not know.

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