How Kids Play. Nigeria


On Christmas day 2015, I flew from London to Nigeria to be with my extended family over the holidays. I come from a city called Benin in Nigeria, it is beautiful and filled with history art and vibrant culture. Everyone is all about their hustle even if they are just hanging about. Everywhere I went, I was enchanted by how kids played and kept themselves entertained throughout the day. I have a little friend called Awa. She’s of very dark complexion, tall and so beautiful. Her nickname is Blackie, her spirit is angelic and she has quite a mouth on her! Alot of the time, I would take her out with me on errands – my excuse to gawp at this place I spend the rest of the year dreaming and longing for. She always knew to stay beside me on the road and when I would ask, she would enter the picture. So unapologetically herself in posture and speech.


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