The Combat Jack Show Live Ft. Kano!

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Yo Innernets! About a year and half ago, my good friend producer Dari put me on to The Combat Jack Show podcasts and I haven’t looked back since. If you don’t know about Combat Jack, head over to Soundcloud to educate and entertain yourself. As a multimedia content producer, I enjoy learning from personalities that not only talk to me but also talk about the culture I come from and consume on a daily basis. Combat Jack has taught me how important it is to do your research about who you are interviewing and also not to be afraid to ask those poignant questions that have really shaped peoples lives. Those are the experiences that people want to know about and draw inspiration from.

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So when I found out that from Charlie Sloth’s show on the Beebs 1xtra that Combat Jack was going to be in London recording the show for the first time, I had to go! It went down at the Brooklyn Bowl at the 02, thanks for having the Catface team. It was a really intimate affair, you could tell everyone was there for Kano and Combat Jack, the connection was real. I really enjoyed how he built up his questions to Kano and how Combat Jack’s interest for grime really came through.

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I have alot of time for Kano and his views because his music reflects the environment he comes from. I respect how he puts London into the instrunmentation of his music – just like Jayz and Nas are to New York, I get a feeling of pride when the likes of Wiley, Skepta, JME, Kano And D Double E put their ends in their music. This vision is special and it has continued to push boundaries and paved the way for the young ones who are creating music now and even to me, I create videos, images and innernet shit. These are the vibes that inspire me to implicate my ends and knowledge of my roots in my work. RESPECT

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