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// SHOP OMBRE BRAIDING HAIR, LOCS, TWISTS, CURLS, PONYTAILS, WEFTS, KINS AND ERRYTHING IN BETWEEN ONLINE: WWW.SHOP.CATFACE.ME – REMEMBER – WE SHIP WORLDWIDE //⠀ ⠀ SUNDAY EVENING TEA // ⠀ ORDER UPDATE: Hey Cool Cats, orders are going out as usual – currently in the studio oven – #BLACKYELLOWOMBRE #PURPLEKINKYMARLEYHAIR & #BLACKMINTBLUEOMBRE – apologies for the delays in email responses – we have been working hard to get all the orders out and most of you should have received order updates over the weekend. We are currently processing returns, refunds & email enquiries so please bare with us <3 / ⠀ IMPORTANT NOTICE: please don't forget we are no longer at the #Brixton, #London. Our landlord was racist and abusive. #STUDIOCATFACE store and studio space is an active creative community space for people of colour from all over the world – a mental health and safety space – so we owe it to every single one of you because we all have at least one vision in common – it is our human right to express ourselves, our identities and cultures without pre-medated threats and acts of violence and abuse. ⠀ In our Brixton space, our landlord's attempt to destroy evidence of their fraudulent money schemes to extort money from the studio, racist and pre-medated abusive acts (for money) they destroyed our products, artworks, studio tech and equipment. This is why we had to move so suddenly from the #Brixton location. It was not a decision made lightly to up and go, but a matter of protecting my little light and also having a safe space to work and a safe space for the Catface community. ⠀ WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLINE ONLY & HAIR APPOINTMENTS WILL RESUME IN LONDON ON JUNE 20.⠀ RIGHT NOW: Join @mariette_immaculate on #CATFACETRAVELS as we set up creative studio labs across the African diaspora. CURRENT LOCATION: #CAPETOWN #SOUTHAFRICA ⠀ We move forward knowing that art is forever, we are young, gifted and BLACK, like the many headed hydra, they cannot own our narrative, wash away our history, claim our blood sweat and tears. You simply are unable to can. ⠀ ** KISS KISS **This year has been a test of everything I believe and stand for and I am grateful for always being supported

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