Stance Socks #UncommonthreadTour


I went to a really cool party by Stance Socks on monday night, they are touring the world with a group of amazing artists called the Punks and Poets. The party was at the Department Store at the Hoxton Docks in Haggerston, I met alot of incredible artists and musicians as well as some familiar faces of London town. I interviewed Rose Ashton, she was born into a family of artists and naturally, her wildly emotional paintings speak for themselves. Her life is pretty blessed, she gets to travel around the world showing everyone her amazing art. We spoke about her installation at the event, (photo below) it re-imagines her studio back at home in Australia. She promised me one of her artwork which I can’t wait to share with you guys. When she’s not splattering paint in a way that finds the beauty in everything, her passion comes through in modelling and writing.



Stance Socks

thread1Rose Ashton

thread4Rose Ashton’s installation

thread5Fabienne and Gary


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