How to get into Fashion Styling

11Scarf: Hype | Dungarees: BitchingandJunkfood | Yellow Jumper: LazyOaf

33Jumpsuit: Asos

Next to dressing up myself, I love dressing other people too. If Fashion Styling is something you want to do for a living, here’s a tip or two for you. It’s probably best to get as much experience as early as possible. Fashion Styling experience is difficult to come across when you’re just starting out and probably will not pay. Persistence is the key. I did not go to fashion school or study anything fashion related at university. Fashion and style have always been means for me to express myself and that’s ere it grew from.

You have to be ready to get stuck in and offer yourself to help as much as possible. When I first started out, I worked with some stylists who got so annoyed when you asked questions about brands or even about their path. Bare in mind, these were not extremely formal or difficult questions to ask. I remember quite clearly asking a stylist I was assisting, “Those shoes are beautiful, who are they by?” Goodness if looks could kill, I would be writing this from heaven (obviously.) She shot me such strong evil eyes that the photographer apologetically told me the name of the brand.

So back to the question, I love fashion and want to get into styling. How do I do it without fashion school?

The best thing I would advise you to do is start your own blog/portfolio of work. Style yourself, ask your friends if you can style them. Work with the seasons and trends, create moodboards and outfits, share them online. As your portfolio grows so will your confidence and other fashion forward people you can collaborate with. The best thing about doing your own thing is that you choose your own hours and its up to you how much effort you put in! As your body of work grows, it will easier to approach magazines, established fashion stylists, studios etc to ask for some hands on experience.

14That time I styled Dogface again | Jacket: Vintage

 43That time I styled Dogface again | Jacket: Vintage




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