Bobii Lewis, Ella Frank & Jerome Thomas at The Pit LDN

Mariette Immaculcate

We had a lovely evening enjoying good music, food and friends at London’s Camden Assembly.

The Pit LDN events never disappoint and are not to be missed. Here’s a glimpse of the show.


Jakum blessed the show with his soulful grime, funky house and trap, Mariette and I couldn’t get enough of his lyricism!


Bobii Lewis brought the house down as usual. This was probably the third performance we’ve seen of him and his growth and distinct sound is stronger every time. We will never forget the moment he paid tribute to one of Bob Marley’s song ‘waiting in vain’.


Jerome Thomas is heading for the stars, mark our words. If you get the opportunity to do his thing live – close your eyes and listen, yes you will feel as if God is sending you first class blessings from heaven. In fact, we will say no more.

Not only did he impress us with his vocals variety but it went hand in with the band which consisted of three guitarist and a drummer. The fusion of vocals and acoustic instruments complimented each other beautifully during this set. Just as his vocal range, Jerome’s set varied from upbeat funk to deep melodic soul, taking the audience on a journey back in time.


Ella Frank is queen of rhythm and blues. Her aura oozes Billie Holiday with a bit of Adele and a sprinkle of good ol’ Ms Erykah Badu. One of her most soulful moments was her cover of the neo-soul queen’s ‘On & On”.

The effortless soft tone of her voice is enough for you to want to take up a lover for the night and dash off into the horizon. But this is real life, be sure to make it home before the last tube ;)