#AfroPunk Paris

Sooooo excited that @afropunk is coming to London!! 💛💛✨ #afropunk

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Damn Catface! Back at it again with them festivals.

#Paris is delicious

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You know I love festivals and discovering new music. I love the freedom of wiling out to music, exploring bits and bobs from around the world and hearing about peoples stories. It’s one of the few places where people share their tales and passions without giving any f***s and I really f*** with that.

MA MAs in #Paris @afropunk

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Afropunk is a festival that celebrates afro and punk culture. I first caught wind of it when I saw snippets on Instagram of the Brooklyn event, so much of what I discovered really resonated with me and I just had to get involved. Its really admirable to see so many young creatives coming together and celebrating what makes us unique and share how we strive to be the best in out field. MASSIVE RESPECT!

MA MAs in #Paris!✨💛💛💛💛

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I jumped on the Eurostar with my pal, Maga, she came all the way from Brazil to explore Paris via London

MA MAs in #Afropunk #Paris @mariette_immaculate

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Over the weekend, we lived in a beautiful French apartment with the daintiest shabby chic furniture and solid interiors. If I had that apartment in London, I don’t think I would leave home. Ever.

#Afropunk ready ✨✨

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We spent our first day exploring Paris. We walked around the Eiffel Tower, tried the local merry-go-round and said “no thank you” to miniature Eiffel Tower hawkers. Only because I already have like four of those. They make the best presents ;)

The first day of Afropunk was really exciting, everyone was so welcoming and incredibly friendly. We could talk to people with ease and also got to know lots of cats from all over the globe. It was interesting to see so many people came from London! It was also good to see some familar faces and meet some new ones too.

Over the weeekend, I had a go with some matte black lipstick, yes I got my life and yes, I caught a bae too. Ha!

#Afropunk #Paris

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I also got to hang out with Kay Davis, one of the coolest artists ever. We met via Instagram, she’s an incredible soul.

#AFROPUNK #PARIS with @kaydavisartist

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#Afropunk #Paris @afropunk

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We couldn’t stop dancing…

What I mean to say is, I couldn’t stop dancing!

Cool highlights: We were featured on the Afropunk and Buzzfeed Snapchat, Instagram and post!
Then we made a little video with #DiversityMatters

Afropunk was a great experience, from the market to the Brazilian punk band, it was memorable and has me yearning for a trip to Brooklyn.

Look out for Afropunk London. Soon come. Soon September.

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