Motel Blogger Party #MotelRocksTheParty


IMG_8882I solemnly swear I was up to lots of good

Last night I was at the MotelRocks Bloggers party. Motel is renowned for their hot outfits which feature great silhouettes and fierce bodycon styles. Since my teenage years, they were my go to brand for party outfits and stand out cool pieces. The party was so much fun and I must say they get better every year. This year it was held at the Far Rockaway in Shoreditch, East London. I played Beer pong, got my nails did, ate lots of sweets and nearly got my hair braided. So much fun in such little time! Keep scrolling for some snaps from the event!

IMG_8880Why so Serious? (l0l)

IMG_8884Super excited to be surrounded by clothing

IMG_8896Beer pong was fun!

IMG_8899Oooh there’s a princess playing beer pong

IMG_8907Tiger and I’s one year fashion meeting anniversary

IMG_8921 Twinks Burnett Absolute babe! Stylist to watch

IMG_8930Getting my nails did

IMG_8948Christmas nails and my Rubiks cube bag <3

IMG_6655Hello Sweeties

photo credit: Dylan Myers

IMG_6604Bag full of goodies

photo credit: Dylan Myers

IMG_6623-1Frankie’s jacket is the bomb eventhoughimskint

photo credit: Dylan Myers

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